Welcome to the PTA Leaders Guide

This guide provides guidance to incoming local unit PTA Leaders, including tips on getting organized, leading effectively, generating and promoting a plan, and budgeting to fulfill your PTA mission.


Learn more about what it takes to be an effective leader; how to run your organization, plan your year and sustain a positive, successful PTA environment.

Getting Organized

Learn how PTA boards work as a team to fulfill PTA’s mission and meet your PTA’s specific goals.


Tips for growing membership, developing volunteers, and running PTA meetings; all focused on effective family and community engagement.


A thoughtful plan provides the foundation for a successful PTA year. Learn how to align your plan with the PTA mission and meet the unique needs of your school and/or community.


Learn a basic, working knowledge of finances to help preserve the trust of your members, maintain your PTA’s tax-exempt status, and ensure that your PTA can fulfill its mission.