Welcome, PTA Leaders

Congrats and thank you for taking on this important role in your community! You have an exciting opportunity to make a difference in your school and community by implementing PTA’s mission: to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

This guide provides many tips and resources to help incoming local PTA officers get off to a successful start, including how to organize a PTA board, lead the PTA way, plan and promote activities, and establish and manage your budget.

Did You Know:

  • Your PTA is an independent nonprofit association. That means your members get to make the decisions—they approve your bylaws, elect your officers, and inform your budget and plans. While you may partner with or focus your efforts on a school, your school principal is not in charge, though you should follow school policies for community collaborations. If you are struggling with this type of collaboration, contact your PTA council or state PTA. They can give you tips on how to communicate PTA decisions effectively and establish a more positive collaboration with your school administration or community.
  • Your PTA is an advocacy organization—not a booster organization. Like any nonprofit, you will raise money for your cause. But your PTA should focus most of its time implementing PTA’s mission. Visit the Programs and Advocacy sections to explore some ways your PTA can develop focused objectives that aim to support student success and improve your school or community for students.
  • Your PTA is connected to your state and National PTA. Your PTA is connected via National PTA to approximately 24,000 other PTAs that exist to achieve the PTA mission. Since 1897, our social and policy impact has been felt in schools, in school districts, in state assemblies and on Capitol Hill. Your voice—and your members’ voices—are amplified when we join together as one PTA for the good of all children in the United States. Interested in learning more? You can read more about PTA’s history or sign up for Action Alerts.

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