Overseeing Finances

Overseeing the finances is crucial to everything else a PTA president and board do. Sound financial management helps to preserve the trust of your members, maintain your PTA’s tax-exempt status (if you have it) and ensure that your PTA can fulfill its mission to make every child’s potential a reality.

That means that, while you don’t have to “know and do it all,” every PTA leader needs a basic, working knowledge of finances and financial reporting.

In partnership with a qualified Treasurer, local PTA leaders oversee several major financial areas:

  • Creating and managing a budget according to bylaws
  • Filing federal, state and local reports
  • Reviewing periodic financial reports Carefully
  • Making sure the PTA has solid money-handling procedures in place, including how expenses are paid and how money is counted after fundraisers
  • Keeping appropriate financial records
  • Ensuring financial records are reviewed or audited each year

Now that you have an overview of your role as a leader, check out the Finance section of the Back to School Kit to learn more.