Congrats and thank you for taking on this important role for your PTA on behalf of all our children! A growing and engaged membership is the foundation for achieving PTA’s mission to make every child's potential a reality.

This guide provides tips and resources to help all PTA leaders understand their role in membership development, including key roles and responsibilities, effective messaging, growing membership by learning about your unique community, developing a recruitment & renewal plan, tracking and reporting membership.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Building relationships is the key to growing your membership. We often think about membership in terms of tactics — flyers, forms, incentives, benefits. While these can be important, membership growth is driven by people, not paper.
  • Welcome all families and school staff. Show that new faces are welcome by being open to new perspectives and ideas.
  • Listen to understand. Ask questions to explore why people feel the way they do. Use tools such as surveys, suggestions boxes (physical or virtual), and social media to better understand your membership’s needs and interests.
  • Focus on what makes a meaningful difference. Emphasize actions that will have the greatest impact on students, teachers and your school — and communicate this focus to your members.
  • Value time. Make sure parents know that volunteer time is not a requirement of membership. When they do volunteer, make sure time spent on PTA is meaningful. Share your progress often, so parents and teachers see that PTA is a worthwhile cause.
  • Be flexible. Show your membership that their leaders can respond to changing circumstances and shifting priorities.

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