At the heart of PTA’s mission are families and communities—people who become champions for our children. This is what sets us apart from other school-parent organizations.

Membership Begins With ME

Whether I am attracting new members or retaining existing ones, it all starts with ME: why I care about PTA and how I communicate my PTA story to others and embody the PTA mission in my actions.

Think About Your WHY:

  • Why do I want to make every child’s potential a reality?
  • Why do I think parents, teachers and other family and community members are key to helping kids learn and grow into positive, productive citizens?
  • Why do I believe PTA helps achieve that?

Think About PTA’s Value to Students, Teachers and Families

People will respond to your personal story. But in the end, they will join your PTA if they find value in what you do. And those who join will renew their membership when that value is delivered.

Think about your PTA. What does your PTA do — or aim to do — to:

  • Engage and empower families to support their child’s learning, health or safety?
  • Support teachers and school administrators?
  • Improve your school or community?
  • Connect families, teachers, and community partners?

Now Talk About It. Everywhere and Often.

It doesn’t have to be Membership Monday to talk about how PTA makes a difference to you — and to the students, teachers and families PTA serves. Every program, event, activity, advocacy win should be communicated and celebrated. Show the results, and thank the people who helped make it happen. Be transparent, especially about what was raised or spent financially. People want PTA to focus your efforts, value their time, and show you care with transparency about results.

Learn more about how to communicate your PTA’s value to your unique school community in the Overcoming Objections and Listening to Your Community sections.