Membership Roles and Responsibilities

Membership growth is all about relationships. Building and sustaining good relationships with the school community is a key responsibility of every PTA leader.

Effective membership recruitment and retention plans require the entire Board’s support. However, the Membership Chair and Membership Committee play critical roles:

Membership Chair

Your Membership Chair or committee is responsible for facilitating the work of the Membership Committee and ensuring timely, accurate communication with other PTA committees and officers. Membership Chairs are often tasked with:

  • Developing and deploying a year-round membership recruitment and retention plan (with emphasis during the big Back to School time in your community)
  • Coaching other PTA leaders in how to talk about PTA and membership with others
  • Drafting and distributing membership promo and sign-up tools
  • Promoting membership at events for school staff and families
  • Collecting and tracking membership forms and dues in partnership with the Treasurer
  • Entering forms into the PTA system
  • Distributing membership cards and encouraging online PTA sign-up
  • Providing membership reports to the officers or board

Look to recruit individuals who:

  • Are excited about PTA and willing to share their excitement
  • Have connections into parts of your community you don’t
  • May be past PTA officers who know your PTA’s history and successes
  • May be new members who are enthusiastic about the work your PTA does
  • Have experience in marketing, public relations, sales, recruitment or statistics