Suggested Timeline

Back to School Time (August-September)

  • Send membership packets home
  • Have a membership table at all orientation and back-to-school events
  • Include reminders in your school and classroom communications to families during the first several weeks. This is especially helpful for families who are new to the school
  • Design a visual representation of your growing membership (e.g., an illustration of a tree to which leaves with new member names can be added, or a jar to which beans, marbles, or ping pong balls can be added) for display in your school or in a public place within your community
  • Connect with the grandparents in your community as they join your campus for National Grandparents Day each September
  • Offer an incentive for joining such as a lanyard, school spirit wear product, or a “hometown favorites” discount card
  • Host a breakfast with teachers and share your plans for the year. Ask them to join PTA in support.If at a school, ask your school principal to be the first to join


  • Set up your membership table at every PTA, school and community event
  • Make time to welcome or thank PTA event attendees and let them know the event was made possible by PTA membership support
  • Promote why it’s so important to support your PTA as a member in your e-newsletter, social media or on community bulletin boards or websites
  • Publish your current membership count each month and compare it to your goal
  • Show members how PTA advocacy at the state and national levels connect to what is happening in your classrooms and community
  • Recognize the PTA volunteers who are supporting programs and events

Mid-school Year

  • Promote the accomplishments of the fall and preview what’s to come in spring
  • Re-distribute membership packets
  • Host an event for new families
  • Promote a drawing for free spirit wear or other benefit (i.e. Principal for a Day, special parking spot) for all members who join by a certain date

End of School Year

  • School’s out! Recognize PTA volunteers at a luncheon or special school assembly
  • Send a survey to gain feedback for the upcoming year
  • Introduce your leaders for the coming school year and ways to share feedback for them as they plan over the summer