Recruitment Ideas

The methods you use to promote PTA can be formal or informal; they can include events, e-mail, phone calls, websites, e-newsletters, social media and more.

The best way to recruit members is to talk about PTA. Whenever you can, speak positively about how your PTA is helping students, teachers, and school or community. Let friends know the ways to join (form, online). Make it easy for people to join and support your efforts as members.

Other Member Recruitment Ideas

  • Ask your Board to recruit 10 people each. Give 10 (or so) membership packets at the first meeting and ask them to canvas their neighborhood, friends, or family.
  • Host a “Back-to-School” event during the summer or first week of class. Consider grade-specific meet-ups or a new family welcome picnic. Grandparents’ events are also great member (and volunteer!) recruitment opportunities.
  • Distribute a take-home flier with the membership form and calendar of upcoming PTA programs.
  • Use social media accounts to ask for input, celebrate successes and create pride in your school and PTA. Remind people throughout the year to join! Consider posting membership recruitment announcements in neighborhood or community social media. Community support is important to the success of your PTA!
  • Ask local merchants or restaurants to give a discount to PTA members. Recruit five hometown favorites to include on a Local PTA Member Benefit Card. See template letter.
  • Set up membership tables at your events.
  • Keep your PTA website current, including the PTA mission, your PTA’s goals and objectives, and ways to contact your board members.
  • Line neighborhood streets with yard signs (found in the Membership Marketing Templates and Tools on
  • Hang a “Join PTA” banner (also found in the Membership Marketing Templates and Tools on at the entrance of the school, library, or other community center.

Membership Forms

Your membership form is an important recruitment tool. An effective form will:

  • Give options for support.
  • Be focused on PTA’s mission and transparent about your objectives.
  • Highlight key member benefits.
  • Offer an online option for easier member sign-up and tracking.