Member Renewal

Membership renewal is important to ensure the vitality of PTA. Recruitment introduces members to PTA benefits, but renewal helps us to determine how well we meet our members’ needs. A returning member who sees the value and impact of PTA can be your best asset for recruiting new members. Returning members are also more likely to take on leadership roles.

Renewing Members

Planning for membership renewals is an important part of achieving annual membership goals. It takes more effort to recruit a new member than it does to keep an existing one, but member engagement and retention is a year-long process.


  • Track your PTA members to find your renewal average. How long do members remain active with your PTA? One year? Two years? Three or more years? Then, set a membership renewal goal as part of your marketing plan.
  • Survey your renewing members to determine whether your PTA is meeting their needs. Talk to members who do not renew. What are their reasons? What can your PTA do to earn them back?
  • Communicate all year long. Be sure that members know what the PTA is doing and when events are happening. If members feel connected they will be more likely to rejoin.
  • Make personal contact as much as possible, whether by phone or catching up at school.
  • Offer members a variety of opportunities to participate in PTA. Provide programs that will support and be of value to families. Offer volunteer opportunities that vary in time commitment and skill level.
  • Send membership renewal forms to PTA members at least one month before the end of the school year. Cite your successes for the year, thank members for their support and ask them to join again for next year.
  • Host an annual PTA membership renewal event and celebration.

Recognizing and Thanking Members

A simple “thank you” can go a long way. Recognizing your PTA members’ contributions to your unit goals is an important part of membership retention. Show them you appreciate their dedication to making every child’s potential a reality in your community.


  • Host a volunteer appreciation event at least once a year to recognize PTA members who have actively engaged in PTA events and championed your goals. Give certificates and public thanks for their work.
  • Send thank you emails/letters to new and returning members, reminding them of PTA benefits and ways to stay connected and engaged throughout the year. One option: Have students write thank you notes and attach them to membership cards.
  • Host ‘meet & greet’ opportunities for your membership to get to know each other at the beginning of each school year and each January. Provide a fun ice breaker along with light refreshments and a simple ‘thank you’ message from your PTA.
  • Recognize members for returning: two years, five years, etc. This could be as simple as a “Welcome Back” card for two-year members, recognition in the newsletter/PTA website, or a lapel pin for long-term members.
  • Offer a door prize to members (not just attendees) at your PTA meetings.