Welcome to the Fundraising

As PTAs work to move their mission forward and serve the children in our schools, they often find that dues are not sufficient to accomplish their goals. Fundraising is a necessary component to provide the means, yet it can be challenging. This section provides guidance on standards for PTA fundraising, including selecting appropriate activities, seeking corporate sponsorship, and understanding the legal implications of fundraising.

The Purpose

Find out about PTA's standards for fundraising activities, and understand how to stay accountable.


Information on finding appropriate activities and sources of revenue, advice on what to avoid, and practical ways to decide if a fundraising event will work for your unit.


Learn the ins and outs of how sponsorships can help your PTA with its programs, aims, and goals without compromising integrity.

Special Events

Key things you need to know about putting on a special event to showcase student achievement, encourage parent involvement, and promote PTA’s commitment to the success of every child.


Get the facts about what kinds of contributions to PTA are tax-deductible and how you can make sure your records are accurate and well-substantiated.


Fundraising must always be conducted according to the rules and regulations of state and local authorities. Learn more here.


Helpful advice for managing fundraising, planning special events, tracking volunteer hours, and streamlining accountability of received revenue.