All local PTA members are also members of your state PTA, National PTA and council/district or regional PTA (if exists). This membership fee supports PTA mission implementation, such as advocacy wins at school district, state and federal levels, as well as programs like Reflections or School of Excellence. Ongoing support for leaders like you – such as this Back to School Kit and our e-Learning courses – are possible thanks to membership dues.

The Treasurer records the PTA dues received to the Membership Dues Revenue account in the local Treasurer’s book. The state and National dues collected should be recorded to the liability account: Membership Dues Payable. When the dues are submitted to the state, the liability account is reduced by the amount paid.

These funds should be sent monthly to your state PTA along with the number of PTA members and possibly the names and contact info of your members. Some state PTAs have electronic membership systems to make it easy for you to recruit, renew, and collect membership. Check with your state PTA for guidance.